Review: Steak Gift Club from Chicago Steak Co.

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Steak Gift Club from Chicago Steak Company: Review

When you say “Chicago,” I picture Rene Zellweger, Catherine Zeta Jones, and a silver fox named Richard Gere. To be honest, it doesn’t matter what you say. My mind goes straight to the musical theater.

But obviously, you meant the city Chicago. No problem. Those famous famous quickly morph into those of Al Capone, Sammy Sosa, and Mike Ditka (still silver, less foxy). I recall visiting the Sears tower and a chrome sculpture that looks like a giant bean (and thinking, what the heck is that?) I reminisce about the smell of fresh sausage and wood-fired deep dish pizza. Then almost immediately, I’m hungry for steak.

What starts as a craving soon becomes an obsession. Day turns to night and Chicago Steak Company Rib-eyes, T-bones, Sirloins, Filets, and Gourmet Steak Burgers start dancing in my head like the sugar plums’ meatier understudies. That may sound terrifying, but when you love steak, it’s the kind of dream you hope never to wake from.

And now you don’t have to.

Relax, I’m not trying to sell you a sleeping pill. I am trying to introduce you to a little-known concept called the Steak Gift Club. No need to pinch yourself. You really can have new cuts of premium wet aged USDA prime steaks delivered every month. Though other Steak Clubs exist, Chicago Steak Company’s “wet-aged” steaks earn a 5-star rating for superior flavor and quality.

Wet aging works because the steaks are shipped direct in vacuum-sealed packaging. This method is successful for two reasons.

  1. I can’t afford to fly to Chicago every time I crave steak.
  2. The steaks stay marinated in their own savory juices right up until you’re ready to cook them.

Notably, the first month’s shipment also includes a shaker of complimentary steak seasoning big enough to last the full length of any Steak Gift Club membership. Which reminds me to mention: there are 6 /12 Month and Premium/Five-Star Reserve plans, depending on your shopping budget or how hard you’re trying to impress.

…Not that I’m assuming this Steak Club is meant as a gift. I know the appeal of buying a metric-ton of steak online is that no one’s around to judge if you eat it all yourself. Except Coach Ditka. But he approves! Ditka even has his own selection on the Chicago Steak Company website. But enough about his selection, let’s take a look at mine: 5-Star Reserve Steaks-6 month subscription

First Month’s Steak Club Shipment Review

Four USDA Prime 6oz Wet Aged Filet Mignons & 5oz Spice Shaker of Signature Steak Seasoning

It just so happens that all Chicago Steak Gift Clubs have something in common. They start with a bang!

Maybe you’re not a steak expert, know the hierarchy of premium steak cuts, or have an answer to how you like your steak cooked. You may not even buy, cook or eat steak except when at the Sizzler (in which case, I will pray for you). However, everyone knows that a Filet Mignon means one thing. Power.chicago-steak-club-review6

Little steak, big white plate. With Filet Mignon ordered off the menu, this is what I always get. Sometimes it’s perched on a pile of mashed potatoes. Other times, its bathed in a creamy caper sauce. Or it could be tossed alongside some roast veggies, criss-crossed by some asparagus, or served with some crisp iceberg lettuce. In any case, when such a small amount of steak and fairly non-elaborate preparations cost this much, I know it’s going to be good. Probably the best thing on the menu. Which means I’m having the best dinner of anyone in that restaurant. Even if by some unhappy accident I wound up at a Sizzler.

Still, no one enjoys that superior dining comes at a higher price. While it feels great to be king of the restaurant, there’s a persuasive monetary advantage to buying, cooking, and serving steak at home. Be king of your own castle, for a change. Only this plan too can easily fall apart at any of three fatal turns: poor cooking technique, improper seasoning, or sub-par steak quality. In sampling my Filet Mignons, I was apprehensive about all of them. Thankfully, Chicago Steak Company held my hand throughout the process.

Is it asking too much for the Steak Club to cook my steak for me? Apparently. They tell me it isn’t safe to vacuum-seal a chef. However, they could at least offer some guidelines. And would you look at that! They did. The fliers include information on how to properly thaw and cook your steaks to sheer Chicago-style perfection. My Mignons were savory, not rubbery; juicy, not greasy. I know it’s cliche to say this, but If I can achieve this, anybody can.

I won’t pretend the steaks didn’t do the majority of the work for me. I physically cannot say or write enough about the improved quality to store-bought steaks. They are more flavorful, crust-up nicely, and will absolutely impress your friends. Wet-aged steaks are what they use in many high-end restaurants, so you already know they make a noticeable difference.

Finally, the seasoning. The home stretch. The point at which I botch the whole home-cooked steak experiment. Whether it’s too much salt, too much pepper, or a strange compulsion to add my own “special ingredient,” I always mess this part up. This is why I have an entire stress complex revolving primarily around steak spice. Thankfully, from the shadowy gift box abyss rose a 5-oz. bottle of steak seasoning, illuminated by a shining beam of light from above. This seasoning allows the steak to sing, and though the flavor is pretty standard, there’s a distinct Chicago steak flair.

Yes, giving a Chicago Steak Club as a gift is extravagant, the “Six Month Prime Steak” club is priced at $999.95 including shipping charges.  But just look at those steaks…they practically scream “I WANT TO IMPRESS YOU!” But did you really expect them to whisper? They are steaks, not chicken wings. So send them, sit back, and let the Steak Gift Club do its thing.

With a gift like this, nothing else needs to be said.


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