Review: Spice of the Month Club from Gourmet Food Clubs

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Gourmet Food Club’s Spice Rub of the Month Club: Review

The right way to review a Spice Club? Have a backyard barbeque!

When there’s plenty of spices to go around, throwing a party is my go-to method of spice-sampling. Sharing is caring; that’s just how I operate. One minute my guests are starved, then bam! Plates piled high with hand-rubbed ’n  ready ribs. Where did all this delectable meat come from? Everyone’s favorite generous griller. You guessed it, yours truly. And the crowd goes wild!

…But I’m getting ahead of myself. Before I could rub my two flavor shakers of spice rubs from Gourmet Food Club’s Spice of the Month Club on anything, I had to load up on supplies. Because what good is a delectable spice combination without any meat? And charcoal, buns, plates, side-dishes…the list goes on and on.

Which reminds me to mention something that may likely persuade you to order your own 3-month Spice Club membership. Party planning, while some enjoy it, is a lot of work. I wound up visiting several different stores to find everything I needed for this barbeque. And I don’t even have that many guests! I can only imagine how exhausted and popular the host of a big barbeque blowout must feel…

The only easy part of the party prep? Checking spices off my shopping list. With Gourmet Food Clubs spice of the month club, I was already armed with this key ingredient for the BBQ bash, I didn’t have to waste the extra 15 minutes wandering aimlessly through the spice isle.  I chose to rub the ribs with the Smokehouse BBQ Seasoning from Gourmet Food Clubs.  After rubbing the ribs with the smoky seasoning I baked them for a few hours at a low heat then onto the grill they went. Delicious! Tasted like something you’d order from a smokehouse, made by little ol’ me! For the chicken I grilled, I used the Rosemary, Basil & Thyme seasoning from Gourmet Food Clubs. Sprayed the chicken breasts with olive oil then lightly covered both sides with this awesome trio of familiar spices before putting them on the grill. The seasoning gave great flavor to chicken breasts that I sliced and served on top of a green salad, beautiful!

Can’t wait to see what comes in next month’s club delivery.

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