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Premium Cigar of the Month Club from Monthly Clubs: Reviewcigar-review2

Gentlemen, when you’re ready. Get set…draw!

Woah there, lower the weapons please. And as you do, please accept my misleading invitation to try the smooth draw on this premium selection of stogies. This month I’m sampling Monthly Club’s Premium Cigar of the Month Club and I was simply hoping to share a few puffs with some cigar aficionados. And perhaps inhale some of your tobacco-expertise while at it…

As a cigar newbie, I fear my palate lacks the experience to give these cigars the fair rating they deserve. Brands, blends, binders, fillers, gauges, wrappers, caps, aromas; in this thick cloud of confusion and cigar smoke, it’s easy to get lost. Thankfully, Monthly Club‘s newsletter Society Brief has risen from the ashes to guide me through it.

After all, the tobacconists who pick and rate these cigars smoke a combined 12,000 cigars a year. That breaks down to about 3-4 cigars per person a day! If anyone is qualified to help me smoke and review these cigars, it’s got to be them.

With a monthly membership you get 5 aged to perfection cigars in various shapes and sizes a month. For me, that’s 5 cigars to try in the 5-day work week. And it’s Monday. So better start smoking.


January’s Selection of Premium, Hand-Rolled Cigars

  1. Diesel Grind Double Perfecto
  2. Sancho Panza Double Maduro Lancero
  3. Puros Indios Viejo Corona
  4. Baccarat “The Game” Rothschild,
  5. and the Black Crown Toro

Let’s see if these cigars live up to those great names.

The first draw of the week comes from a cigar designed special for this Cigar Club: the Diesel Grind Double Perfecto. My Spanish isn’t perfect, but my Spanglish is superb, so I can tell you this cigar doubles down on its promise of sheer ground perfection. Does it deliver?

You bet! Monthly Club’s panel of experts gave this cigar the highest rating this month, and if by some strange miracle they had asked for my opinion, I’d have agreed. Like the experts suggest, it had loads of flavor and an even burn. For me, the coffee flavor stood out most.

After a short smoke-break…or in this case, a short break from smoking, I resumed with the Sancho Panza Double Maduro Lancero. This rich cigar taught just how long it takes to smoke an entire one of these things. The Double Maduro lasted about 30 minutes. I was tempted to smoke this cigar down to the nub by something I read about its unique ability to change flavors. Indeed it did. The Maduro’s dark chocolate taste evolved into a mocha flavor about halfway through. Makes perfect sense that the newsletter recommends pairing it with a cup of coffee!

Numero tres in my week-long regimen: los Puros Indios Viejo Corona de Honduras! If the name “viejo” is any indication, these cigars son muy old (told you my Spanglish was good). According to the specs, the Corona is between 8-9 years old. In cigar years, that makes this little guy well into his golden years. If you think growing old means getting a little nutty–well, you’re right. But in terms of this elder cigar’s taste, that nuttiness isn’t a bad thing.

For a moment I thought I had heard of the Baccigar-review3carat “The Game” Rothschild. Turned out I was thinking of the rapper. No, not the wrapper, the rap-artist. You know, The Game? Just, never mind. It all worked out in the long run because this popular mild & sweet cigar is perfect for newbies. Kinda makes me wish I’d started with this one. Hindsight is such a frustrating feeling.

At last, Friday. The final cigar. I was slightly bummed to read the Black Crown Toro is named for “toro” the cigar shape, not toro, the Spanish word for bull. Still, Society Brief said this cigar is unique for a couple of reasons. Not many people have heard of it, it contains seven different long-fillers, and it has some pretty interesting notes, “toasted peanut” probably being the strangest. Made for a funky yet robust way to finish off the week.

I won’t pretend that by week’s end I’m not a little more raspy and a little less fresh-scented. That being said, this club was a good time. As for month 2, I’ll be handing over these hand mades to someone marginally more macho. Having given it the old college try, I can confirm the Premium Cigar of the Month Club is the perfect gift for the true guy’s guy.

My ideal guy’s guy? Glad you asked! He’s the manly man with an iconic wit and true literary genius, Mark Twain. And apparently, he’d recommend you sign up for this Monthly Club membership too. He once wrote: “If there are no cigars in heaven, I shall not go.”

Not sure how that decision worked out for him, but you should sign up to send/receive these heavenly cigars soon. There’s really no need to wait till the afterlife to smoke them.

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