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Pickle of the Month Club from Month Club Store: ReviewPickle Month Club Store

Come one, come all! Gather round as the world’s very first “Miniature Pickle Ferris Wheel” is finally unveiled!

Watch how each peg props up a pickle in a different gourmet variety. Fully stacked with snack-picking potential, this rotating pickle-go-round lets you pluck any of your favorites. Dill! Bread and Butter! Jalapeno! Sweet, sour, spicy, kringle-cut and completely whole, all available for your pickle-loving pleasure!

When I heard Month Club Store had hungry shoppers “lining up” to get in on some pickle action, I figured this pickle-lover’s fantasy ride had opened for business. Turns out, it was their Pickle of the Month Club drawing crowds. And if you think about that, it’s still pretty exciting.

This membership promises a new shipment delivered on time every month, packed to the brim with scrumptious salty pickles. And keep in mind, these pickles are Month Club Store’s highest rated products. So sign up while this fan favorite Pickle Club is in full swing. You’ll find unlike most rides, it never leaves you hanging.

Need a pickle chip to garnish your Panini? You can count on The Pickle Club. Want a spicy game day snack? Pickle Club. Desperate to satisfy a sweet tooth? Pickle Club. Like relish on you hot dog? Pickle Club. Is your baby teething? Pickle Club.

That last one might be conspickle hot dogidered bad parenting, so be careful. The point is, this best-selling Pickle of the Month Club is always there when you need it. They offer 3-month through full year memberships, your choice of 1-2 different pickle varieties a month (including hard to find regional favorites) and nearly unlimited ways to personalize how, when, what kinds, and who you want to receive it. Just trying to convey the full extent of pickles represented in this club has me drained. And that’s before draining any pickle jars for taste-testing.

My opinion post-pickle sampling? These pickles were so good, they’re worth the wait. Which is why I can hardly believe there’s no waiting in line to send/receive the Pickle of the Month Club today! Flavor, freshness, crisp textures and delicious pickle juices:

Pure, unadulterated pickle bliss awaits.


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