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Pancake of the Month Club from Gourmet Food Clubs: Reviewgfc-pancake-review2

I’m sure you’ve already heard: breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Load up on nutrients in the morning and your day is bound to be brighter. But I suppose you can have a light breakfast if you want. Light and fluffy, that is.

Gourmet Food Club’s Pancake of the Month Club surprised me this month with a sample shipment of not one but two gourmet pancake mixes: Bacon Freak Maple Bacon Pancake Mix and Baby Bubba Gourmet Cinnamon and Raisin Pancake Mix. Because I love few things more than golden, fluffy flap jacks, I just went ahead and decided to make both mixes at the same time. This taught me 2 very important lessons.

  1. Pacing yourself is overrated.
  2. The only thing better than a short stack? A tall stack.

Before I break breakfast down into 2 flavors, let me say something in defense of the pancake breakfast. Is any other breakfast food this fun to eat? Eggs are great, but they’re a grown-up food. The word “omelet” alone sucks the fun right out of my morning. Relax egg-lovers, I don’t mean to ruffle your feathers. We pancake people won’t mind sitting at the kid’s table so you can read the newspaper in peace.

In this morning fun category, waffles pose the only real threat to my precious pancakes. But as I found out, the Pancake Club‘s mixes also work great in a waffle iron! And I didn’t stop there. I experimented and tried the mixsed with syrup, butter, hot fudge, a whipped cream smiley face, and in silver-dollars, Belgian waffles, pancake puffs, and chicken ‘n waffles.

February’s Pancake Mixes of the Month


Bacon Freak Maple Bacon Pancake Mix:

I already know what you’re thinking. Whose idea was it to put bacon in the batter? And why didn’t you think of it first?

This genius concoction has the potential to skew a little salty and a tad far-fetched for pancake lovers. It’s a tricky business messing with the classic buttermilk recipe. To make things more difficult, they plan to incorporate the world’s favorite savory breakfast item? Let’s just say these pancake stakes are unbelievably high.

Thankfully, this mix nails the crucial salty/sweet ratio. With the brown-sugary maple flavor mixed into the batter, the savory bacon flavor balances out. Though make no mistake, these pancake still merit the butter-syrup treatment. For that matter, they might even go well with some strips of bacon. Baconfreak would be a good place to start looking for that.

Baby Bubba Gourmet Cinnamon and Raisin:gfc-pancake-review1

When I spot cinnamon raisin pancakes on a breakfast menu, I immediately think of a country breakfast. I envision the red and white checkered tablecloth, the jar of homemade apple butter, and maybe a cuckoo clock mounted on some French doors.

Paints a beautiful picture, but I never buy them. There’s always a flashier pancake flavor standing in my way, like strawberry, chocolate, and apparently now bacon. That’s a raisin’s luck in life. We know them, we love them, and we take the dried up little cuties for granted. Who in their right mind eats an oatmeal raisin cookie if a chocolate chip cookie is present? Yet it feels good knowing you have options.

Anyway, Pancake Club finally strong-armed me into eating some raisins. And I am very thankful it did.

This is really just a long way of issuing raisins an apology. If it wasn’t for the Pancake Club, they would have remained in that hypothetical Bed and Breakfast forever as if starring in a low-budget, breakfast-themed sequel to The Shining. Which would be bigger mistake because the cinnamon raisin mix is superb. Even better as waffles! I’m sorry raisins, but better late than never.

With a 3-Month Membership supply of batter, I’ve designed a plan to fully maximize my fluffy-food consumption for the next few months. I’ll have pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, then for dessert: waffles a la mode. Develop your own strategy, or send Gourmet Food Club’s Pancake of the Month Club to someone whose inner child is growing hungry.

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