Review: Olive of the Month Club from Gourmet Food Clubs

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Olive of the Month Club

Gourmet Food Club’s Olive of the Month Club

Olive of the Month Club from Gourmet Food Clubs: Review

I like to imagine Greeks eat olives like we Americans eat…oh I don’t know, potato chips? Pretzels? Bagel bites? Cheese-puffs? As a nation, we seriously need to work on our snacking habits.

As I was saying, I picture toga-clad men and women lounging on their day-beds, tuning in to watch the highly-anticipated Greco-Roman wrestling match, sipping gauntlets of red wine and devouring olives by the jar-full.

Needless to say, this hypothetical Grecian game-day is probably inaccurate. Not only have I never been to Greece, but my understanding of the culture comes primarily from the movie Troy and a Classics course I slept through in college. How should I know what modern Greek life is like? There’s still a good chance they eat olives though, right?

As I discovered, Gourmet Food Club’s Olive of the Month Club will transport you to whatever mystical, historically-inaccurate time and place you want. And if you refuse to believe these irresistibly salty olives have magic powers, just trust me when I tell you the club is worth buying. The 3 Month Subscription in up to 2 flavors each month will elevate your snacking and have you wistfully marking days off your calendar until the next jar arrives.

Februgfc-olive-review-2ary’s Olives of the Month:

Almond-Stuffed and Sun Dried Tomato Olives

Based on my past experience, all olives taste incredible. I don’t think an olive has popped into this mouth that ever let me down. They’re just so good! As a reviewer, I find it hard not to applaud olives just for being olives. However, I’ll put down my pom-poms for a second and try to evaluate these flavors on some legitimate criteria.

1. Flavor
2. Texture
3. Authenticity

That last category is slightly hard to define, so I’ve based it off quality of ingredients coupled with how “Greek” the olives feel to me. Cut me some slack. It’s product reviewing, not science.

First up, Almond-Stuffed olives!gfc-olive-review1

  1. Great flavor. These olives aren’t brined into oblivion or overly salty. I could taste equal parts almond and green olive, which is completely suitable for snack-time, not just garnishing.
  2. Excellent! The texture of the almond-stuffed olive is what I love most, since it’s has a mightier crunch than most olives. Especially the mushy, cheese-stuffed ones.
  3. Very authentic. According to the label, the ingredients are 100% all natural and healthy. And come on, the combination of olives and almonds? It doesn’t get Greek-er than that.

On to the Sun Dried Tomato olives:

*Might be worth mentioning, I’ve never tried this kind before. Don’t know how they avoided me for so long.

  1. Amazing flavor! Fact: tomatoes are the only fruit I love as much as olives. Fact: tomatoes and olives are the only 2 fruits people often mistake as vegetables. And, fact: the sun-dried tomato is the only tomato variety sweet & roasted enough to handle an olive’s bold taste. Well played, CV Delights. Well played.
  2. Great texture. These olives have a solid chew. They won’t melt in your mouth so quickly that they’re gone before you know it.
  3. Probably authentic? Again, the ingredients in this jar are all natural and organic. I’m just not sure if sun dried tomatoes are an ingredient of the modern Greek diet. But I think I’ve had them on a Greek pizza once, so close enough.

Now that the lids are back on these olive jars, let’s review. My 3-step olive analysis has qualitatively proved that Gourmet Food Club’s Olive of the Month club tastes good, feels good, and according to my limited knowledge, is an authentic Greek snacking experience. But you should probably still taste them to double check.

To do so, sign up to give/receive the Olive of the Month Club at Gourmet Food Clubs.




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