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Month Club Store’s Jerky of the Month Club: ReviewJerky Month Club Store 2

Manly men do manly things. They cut down trees. They grow facial hair. They yell at the television. They wrestle, they sweat, they spit, and sometimes, they open our ketchup bottles. Still, there’s one thing men do that’s the manliest of all.

They eat meat.

Sorry vegetarians! But basic biology says it’s what they’re born to do. The manlier the man, the more meat needed to fuel his man-ventures. Whatever those entail.

Unfortunately, manly men also have terrible cholesterol. I’m not a doctor, but It’s probably safe say the problem stems from all that meat-consumption. True love comes at a price, guys. So put down the plate of ribs and start looking for lower-fat meat options. That, or there’s always the Jerky of the Month Club

Chicken cutlet not gonna cut it? Filet of fish a little too feminine? What if I told you you could still have all the premium beef you want, along with buffalo, elk, pork, and turkey, plus a variety of bold flavors like Hickory, Teriyaki, BBQ, Chili Lime, or Spicy Cajun. Sign up for the Jerky of the Month Club from Month Club Store and you can have all that and more.

Jerky (especially high-quality jerky) is made of lean meat. It has to be, since fat causes jerky to spoil, and the only way to combat that is with a bunch of chemicals and preservatives, which the Jerky Club is careful to avoid. This also means the Jerky Club stuff is nothing like what you find at the gas station checkout. And even though it’s pretty bad-ass that astronauts eat jerky too, gourmet jerky isn’t just some space food.

The 2 (or more) differjerky Month Club Storeent kinds of jerky you’ll get in a monthly shipment from this 3 month to year-round Jerky Club are dried, smoked, salted, flavored and made by hand from whole muscle-meat. Plus they’re high in protein and low in fat. Just what a manly man needs to bulk up without bulging out in the beer gut region.

If you’re sending this Jerky Club membership to your own burly, rugged, foul-mouthed, hands-like-sandpaper, rough and tumble kind of guy, let me reassure you. Jerky is a healthier snack substitute, not a meal replacement. I don’t expect your manly man to commit himself full-time to dried meats. Just let him know this jerky is better for him those pork-rinds he’s been sneaking between meals.

As for the rest of you manly men and jerky-loving gals, sign up for Month Club Store’s Jerky of the Month Club today and get snacking. There’s always plenty more jerky on it’s way.


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