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Jelly of the Month Club from Month Club Store: ReviewJelly Month Club Store

Normally, I’d debut a new month club with the usual song-and-dance review routine. You know, the one where I recall a product-related anecdote, tell you buy/don’t buy this club, explain the flavors I sampled, so on and so forth. The End.

But not today. For Month Club Store’s Jelly of the Month Club, I’ve left the bells and whistles at home. Why? Because these all-natural jellies, jams, and preserves clearly don’t need another rave-review from me. And frankly, neither do you.

I really could say “You’re on your own,” sit back, eat some jam, and watch these jelly jars sell themselves. But I’m so accustomed to the word-flourishes and clever turns of phrase usually demanded of this job.

Thus, I’ve quickly prepared an abridged Jelly Club recommendation for your reading pleasure. If you’ve already signed up for this incredible club (as you may well have), consider this a short encore performance:

Why this Jelly Club?

You’ve tasted your fair share of flavors. Strawberry, grape, raspberry, apricot, even a little blackberry from time to time. None of them have ever completely “done” it for you. When people ask about your favorite jelly, you shrug them off. From what you know about jam, every jar’s the same.

Quickly forget everything youjam on scone thought you knew about jelly. This indifference toward preserves is a simply a symptom of over-exposure to store-bought jelly. Thankfully there’s a home remedy. Gourmet jelly, hand-crafted and canned by the best jelly-makers in the world; a couple months of Jelly Club deliveries and we’ll get you up to speed. Then only one question remains. Now which flavor is your favorite?

The Jelly Club has your standard strawberry and grape jelly, some less-common flavors like apple, blueberry and cranberry, and mixed preserves like blackberry guava daiquiri and plum pomegranate. There’s even some truly unexpected batches for you adventurous types. Like bumbleberry! By the sound of that last one, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some Snozzberry jam in this Jelly Club’s future.

So pick the length of membership right for you or your gift recipient (3 months-1 year), how many jars you’d like a month (1-2), order you Jelly of the Month Club, and send these jelly jars packing.

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