Review: Honey of the Month Club from Gourmet Food Clubs

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Honey of the Month Club from Gourmet Food Clubs: Reviewgfc-honey-review3

What’s sticky, sweet, and was once used to embalm Alexander the Great?

Honey! While I can’t prove that honey was used as preservative back then, I did read it in an article. Turns out there’s a whole world of interesting and strange honey facts out there just waiting to be discovered (as in, on the Internet). For instance, did you know two tablespoons of honey is enough fuel for a bee to fly around the whole world? It’s true! …According to this website I found that has little to no credibility whatsoever.

That’s the thing about searching for information online. How sure can you know if a source is reliable? Or a product, for that matter. It’s hard to know what you’ll get when you buy online, even when shopping for something as sweet and pure as honey.

Allow me to be of some help. I sampled Gourmet Food Club’s Honey of the Month Club this month so you can be certain this gift 100% quality, organic, and gourmet-flavored honey. Just as promised by the Gourmet Food Clubs’ website.

I chose to receive the 2 flavor per month shipment of this 3-month long Honey Club and tasted these honeys in every way imaginable. On toast, in tea, with fruit, in a PB&Honey sandwich, and straight from the jar. I wanted to insure I could fully stand behind my endorsement of this club. So straight from me to you, I think it’s a majorly sweet deal. And here’s why:

February’s Honey of the Month Club Selectiongfc-honey-review2

Raw & Real Honey Varietal Honey (10.5oz each): Orange Blossom and Blueberry

Honey is a simple formula. One ingredient, made by nature and eaten by man. There’s no reason to improve a substance this good in it’s raw, original form. That’s why it’s refreshing to find out this small-batch Raw Real honey brand is committed to preserving the beauty of honey’s delicate, subtle taste. The elegant glass jars and packaging is a lovgfc-honey-review1ely added touch.

It’s clear the Orange Blossom honey didn’t cave to peer pressure when mass-market honeys were passing around phony fruit flavoring and food dye. This honey was focused on his studies. And it paid off with one project in particular: mingling two natural flavors in one jar to craft a harmonious flavor friendship. The orange-infused flavor simply adds a citrus, tangy touch to the original organic basic. It quickly became my favorite part of breakfast.

The Blueberry honey was similarly lacking in artificial blue-coloring and the usual cough-syrup taste. If that’s what you’re looking for, I promise you won’t find it in this Honey Club. However, if you enjoy the just-noticeable taste of blueberry-infused honey, perfect for drizzling over granola, you’re in luck. This club has just that.

Sign up for the Honey of the Month Club at Gourmet Food Clubs. You can trust me when I tell you this honey doesn’t lie. This Raw and Real honey is the very real and rare opportunity to send a gift club that’s better than it claims to be.

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