Belgian Gudrun Chocolate Review: Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club from Monthly Clubs

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MC-chocolate-review3Monthly Club’s Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club: Review

We all know certain holidays have a special knack for sneaking up on us (I’m looking at you, Valentine’s Day and Anniversaries). Thankfully, last-minute shoppers only need one item on their shopping list.


A time-honored  tradition. A classic. A safe bet. Used properly, this sweet can get you out of any sticky situation.

…Or so you thought! Gift-buyers beware; all that wax-based, sugar-loaded chocolate has gone straight to your head. In case you haven’t noticed, the store-bought chocolate is just not cutting it.

Thankfully, that’s where Monthly Club‘s  The Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club comes in. Decadent hand-crafted chocolates sent from world renowned chocolatiers to your front door. One bite of a real  Belgian chocolate truffle and your forgot-the-anniversary woes will quickly melt away.

Now just imagine what a whole batch can do. And did I mention they offer unlimited memberships? There’s no reason to ever stop her (or him) from indulging.

January’s Gourmet Chocolate of the Month:

Belgian Gudrun ChocolatesMC-chocolate-review1

Now that you’re done playing it safe with the chocolate, I’ve got news for you. So are the Belgians.

The chocolate masters have embraced innovation, and this month, I sampled some exotic  confections that were both fruity and nutty.

First off, this shipment is a boat-load of chocolate. The gold and silver wrapped gift boxes had a total of 48 pieces for me to try: 1 box of truffles and another of assorted. Don’t judge me! I didn’t eat them all myself. But if I were going to eat them all (hypothetically MC-chocolate-review2speaking) the pictures and matching descriptions on the box would really come in handy.

When I tasted the assorted chocolates, I was struck by the flavor combos. They far exceed what you get in a box of assorted chocolates from the mall. Just to name a few: smooth hazelnut praline  with Himalayan salt and white chocolate, four spice dark chocolate, and crunchy gianduja with coffee infused fresh butter cream in white chocolate. Nothing simple about that.

The Gourmet Chocolate Club’s monthly newsletter, In Pursuit of Chocolate, says contrast is key to these gourmet goodies. It also points out some key ingredients, like the West-African island  Sao Tome Cocoa. That cocoa packs some seriously rich and long-lasting flavor into the truffles. Yes, they look like little dirt-mounds. But didn’t your mother tell you not to judge desserts based on outward appearance?MC-chocolate-review4

The fillings. These surprised me most. As a fruit-lover, I found the passion fruit and tart raspberry flavors  unexpected, sharp and perfectly fresh.  Artificial flavorings pale in comparison.

Salty. Sweet. Rich. Tart. Classic, yet undeniably fresh. YMC-chocolate-review5ou won’t struggle to eat the Gudrun chocolates within the 3 week shelf life. However, assuming you were in a coma, you could always just store them in the fridge. Or send them to me! Just please, for the love of chocolate, don’t let them go to waste.

A Final Note: Monthly Clubs isn’t kidding about the A+ customer service. This lovely Belgian bundle came on time, in perfect condition, and in 100% recyclable packaging. Couldn’t have asked for more.

Sign up to give someone you love the Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club. And that includes yourself.

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