Grillers’ Rub of the Month Club

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Backyard BBQ’s are as American as apple pie. As is the American ingenuity of having ready to shake spice rubs for a variety of meats in your pantry to call-upon at a moment’s notice.

Sure we could scour the internet for different recipes for rubs and search our pantries for ingredients. This  inevitably leads to a trip to the market to search for an ingredient or two missing from our pantry collection, but that takes time, energy and gas. And forget about impromptu gatherings because you’ll never have everything you need for that recipe you saw without taking the time to go to the market, leaving the last minute cleaning to your significant other.

That’s why I love the rub of the month club from  Each month I receive a new shaker of spice rub. I love being surprised by the different selection I receive and immediately begin thinking about the different meals I’ll be making with the help of this new tool at my finger-tips.

The KC rump roast rub was my first delivery.  Couldn’t wait to get it on the barbecue. I grew up eating brisket in the Midwest and though I am unable to find this cut in my area, I used this rub on a roast that I put on the barbecue, indirect heat. This rub has a spicy bite to it that lingered.  Salty and slightly smoky, this rub was delicious and not overpowering on my roast.  Best part, prep of the roast took less than 2 minutes.  Just a vigorous shake of the KC Rump Rub, rubbed onto the roast to embed the spices, and my roast was BBQ ready!

I consider myself a seasoned chef (pun intended) and absolutely love the convenience of pre-made rubs.  I think that this would be a great gift for new chefs or a housewarming gift for people just starting their “homestead”.

Looking forward to next month’s delivery!

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