Bacon of the Month Club

Bacon of the Month Club

February 28, 2012 8:28 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Bacon of the month clubs are great gifts for those hard to please people on a gift list. Really, who doesn’t like bacon? And the bacon I received from the Bac’n Bacon of the month club was truly outstanding. This is a “far-squeal” from the bacon found in your local supermarket. Bac’n bacon is mostly dry-cured. This makes a big difference since supermarket bacon is most often wet cured and sometimes even injected with water which splatters away when cooked, leaving you with far less bacon than the pound you started with.  Bac’n bacon lived up to its tag line: Truly magical pork.

I received two packs of Bac’n bacon, one packed contained “SUN-DRIED TOMATO BACON” and was dry cured. It looked delicious with flecks of what appeared to be tomatoes and other spices. An unlikley combination of tomato and bacon, I thought, but I fried some up and man was it good. It was so good I didn’t want to miss any of the flavor nuances by using it as an ingredient in a recipe. Instead I sauted some bitter greens in olive oil and garlic, then added cooked pasta.  I served the pasta and greens with the bacon on the side.  All the better to savor my dear! This made a great meal.

The second pack of Bac’n bacon I received was “HICKORY SMOKED BACON”. This “truly magical pork” was also dry cured but there weren’t any visible spices on the bacon. This bacon was also delicious with a strong hickory smoke fragrance that lingered in the kitchen. The slices were meaty and didn’t shrink up during cooking. It was a great match for pancakes doused with maple syrup and good cup of Joe.

Also included in my first shipment was a Bac’n logo t-shirt with the line “TASTES GOOD” on it, and this shirt don’t lie!

I loved this gift and recommend it highly. I might even gift myself another subscription once my current six month subscription is over. It’s that good. This is treat-yourself bacon.


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