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The Spice Rub of the Month Club is the ultimate gift for BBQ enthusiasts and backyard grillers. Every month, subscribers to this amazing spice rub service will be given the chance to try unique and flavorful blends for barbecuing and so much more. If you know or love someone who is a meat grilling fanatic, give them the gift that makes everything taste better.

Giving a gift subscription to Spice Rub of the Month Club is perfect for men and women who love BBQ, but is sure to please your favorite amateur cook, chef or foodie friend. All sorts of flavor styles are made available including mesquites, gourmet styles and traditional BBQ flavors. Gift subscriptions can also be purchased with double rubs per month, it is up to you. Husbands, dads and men of all ages will love Spice Rub of the Month Club. It lets them know that their indoor grilling and outdoor BBQ parties are always a welcome feast. Give them the flavorful tools that will make their home cooking into a gourmet meaty delight. Spice rubs are pure tasty wonders, but until you have tried them, you won’t know what you are missing.

Bring the home cooking foodie out in you or someone you love this season. They will thank you and soon will delight your senses with unexpected flavors and original new recipes using spice rubs. Nothing makes a lasting impression on the chef in your household, so give them a gift subscription this year. Your taste buds will wonder why you waited this long.
Spice Rub of the Month Club is the only gift for lovers of rubs for backyard grilling.

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